Welcome to the Michelberger

Welcome to the Michelberger

Our Rooms

Our rooms are comfortable, homey, full of wood & light and use space cleverly and playfully. All come with a very loving mattress and all the expected amenities, plus a few unexpected ones too- like Michelberger TV.

Coming with 5 or more, or need more than 3 rooms? Contact us at reservations@michelbergerhotel.com.


King-size bed and a shower with a view. Perfect for a single or an in-love couple. For travellers loving bright, simple and cosy rooms.


A super king-size high bed with a sofa which could also be an extra bed. For a couple who want a bit more space, two people who want to sleep in separate beds, or for three girlfriends.


Up on the fourth floor and close to the sky, these classic rooms will be ready for their first guests in mid autumn. Wood, concrete and natural tactile materials come together to create an open, calm and light filled space. With a King Size bed, space to work, and everything else you need for a comfortable and peaceful stay.


Our Luxus rooms all come with a huge bed, bathtub & shower, and a TV or video projector. The original Luxus rooms each have a different story - there’s the cosy, wooden Chalet, the glittering, glamourous Golden One, the classic, book-covered Clever and the airy playground which is the View. The new additions to the category, available from November, are full of light and space. They have been designed with an understated luxuriousness and with the best views in the hotel, overlooking the city.


A place to sleep, dream, eat, cook, work, refresh and luxuriate. These self-contained suites come with sauna, bath, rain shower, kitchen, dining table/work desk, music and lots of space and light. There's a second mezzanine area perfect for guests travelling with children.


This is our family room. 3-4 single, elevated beds. Whatever kind of family you are; band, colleagues, crew, classical, this room should fit perfectly.

The Big One

Huge rooms with six single beds, paired up high or one above the other. They have different layouts, so if you’re here to get stuff done, there’s one configured for working together or if you’re the whole family, there’s one for simply hanging out and being together.


You'll find us on Warschauer Straße just across from the Warschauer Str. U-Bahn station of the U1 line.

Michelberger Hotel
Warschauer Str. 39-40
Berlin, 10243 (map)

You'll always get the best price and full availability by booking directly with us. You can book here on our website, or simply send an email or give us a call.

Contact us by email here
Tel: +49 (0) 30 297 78590

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Independent, enchanting, exciting - We’re a modern family business with a big wish to make our little world better, day by day. Instead of chasing profit, we want to maximise quality and experience in all that we do. We love to relate to everything and everyone. We always ask: who do we work with? Which products are we using? What matters to our guests?

It all started back in 2004 in our living room. We were dreaming of a big house, a house that would serve as a base for us and our friends. A place to collaborate, to create and to engage; a new home for our ideas and our lives. Wondering what we would then do with all that space, and considering that we did not have that many pioneering friends at that time, our flatmate suggested running it as a hotel!

What a great idea! 5 years later there she was. And every day since then, we’re getting more and more excited about all the things, encounters and movement to come.

Small is beautiful. Welcome to the Michelberger!


If you’re exceptional at what you do, there’s always a home for you at the Michelberger. If you shine, take pride in what you do, care about the tiniest details, are full of ideas, get on well with those around you, have things to say and enjoy conversation, we’d love to hear from you. We want people who know why they want to be here.

Get in touch by writing to Ute at ute@michelbergerhotel.com

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