The Wild

If you’ve eaten with us in the last months, you may have noticed that your plate has taken a bit of a walk on the wild side; herbs, salads, vegetables, flowers that definitely don’t look like they’ve come off a supermarket shelf. As someone quipped over their salad one day, “it feels a bit like eating a garden”… Twice a week we take delivery of vegetables and herbs from Roberto ()



I met a dog once. She was black. She had a white spot here and there, and a pink tongue that dangled happily from her mouth whenever she said hello or goodbye. She was the only one who took advantage of any nap opportunities at work and was always in a good mood no matter what the time. She didn’t work in my department but she oversaw it from time ()



So just that everyone can be sure, the mozzarella di buffalo for the dinner is from happy buffalo. I promised to say hi from my calf 154. His ears are 17cm long *Stefanie


Burning Man

Laura visited Burning Man this year. This is a tiny bit of what she found and photographed:


Wooden Arms

This Wednesday evening (17.09.14) we are very happy to welcome Wooden Arms, who’ll play a concert in the hotel. The founder of the band is Alex Carson. He’s the composer, pianist, and vocalist of the group, and also a piano teacher in his private life. Because of his classical background, Alex decided to combine his orchestral compositions with contemporary melody and he’s found the perfect match using a modern style of songwriting. Their debut ()


Asse from

This beautiful lady is Asse. She’s 95. She’s from Copenhagen and she and her daughter just spent the weekend with us. Aase specifically asked to stay here after her grand daughter recommended the hotel to her. She said her favourite thing about it was all the fresh flowers and the young people enjoying the cosy lounge. During her time in Berlin, she also went to visit the Hotel Adlon because her ()


Mean Love

If you happen to bump into this softly-spoken, sweet-smelling gentleman in the lobby… not the one on the left obviously ;)… congratulations are in order! Yesterday he just released his new album Mean Love. And we’ve totally fallen love with it! It’s a record full of energy and rhythm which make you wanna go out into the sunshine and dance; electro-pop infused through with the influences of Africa, Sudan, Ethiopia and ()


I Came And Went
Back With More

Marc Wagenaar worked in our bar for 2 years. He was the young, charismatic, long-haired Dutch guy. You’re sure to have met him if you were here during that time. He’s just left us, following his dream. On saying goodbye, he wrote us his story: “I moved to Berlin for two reasons: love and film. Film was more a cover up to go to Berlin because I was in love with ()