This bloke just rolled up with his lady-friend to have a bit of lunch and deliver some flowers. Sir, we salute your style!


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The Content Strikes Back!

Since we are still waiting for the first open source social media product (wish to develop it ourselves, but way too much work ), we decided to shorten the wait by creating a /now page. Here’s the first result, simple, work in progress, but we thought worth sharing. michelbergermonkey.com/now In case more of you out there kind of share the same feelings about the FB, Twitter and all the other corporate sado-maso tools. We’ll happily send you the code, so ()


Israeli Couscous

A light, fragrant couscous, full of sunshine and now you can eat it out in the hof too!


has arrived!

Today our teamwork with Mikkeller made its first appearance on stage. Azar and Keith Shore (the amazing Mikkeller art director) teamed up on designing the bottle. The printer might have enjoyed himself a bit too much, that’s why this first lot has the label placed upside down. Limited edition so to speak :) Mikkel, look at what we have here: “Mikkellerberger is an American Pale Ale brewed with light malts and american and New Zealand hops. It has a very ()


Delivering the goods!

Recently we met a new friend named Chanyu. She is the heart behind EATÜBER, a food delivery startup focused on bringing healthy tasty food directly to the people of Berlin.  In speaking to her, one soon realizes what a tall order this represents – delivering healthy, handmade, straight from the oven food that is also tasty! The menu has many highlights for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. The chocolate cake is made without butter or flour and scrumptious! Yet it’s ()