We’re Hiring!
Design Intern

We are looking for an intern to work closely with our creative director on graphic design, packaging design, interior design and web design for our hotel as well as the members of the Michelberger family – Fountain of Youth, Michelberger Booze and Michelberger Music. You will be a final-year student or recent graduate and be a self-starter with a curious mind and a desire to succeed. You will be expected to ()



The first mixers in the clubs of New York and Chicago all had rotary faders. Modern digital versions instead had a slide fader, but in the past five years or so the trend is returning to the analog equipment of the past. One of our resident DJs Andres – AKA DJ Trujilo – heard about a father and son duo manufacturer in Barcelona called Can Electric, who make hand-wired musical equipment. Their mixers, called ()



A while ago we spotted some seriously good looking bikes around Berlin. They were from Rakete, who make all their bikes here in the city, and make them to last. They’re a dream to ride and we’re really happy that now our hotel guests get to experience some two wheeled joy too! We have a small fleet of these beauties which can be rented from reception.

OG Cera square

The Odd Gig – Edition 3
Cera Khin

From Berlin via Tunisia, Cera Khin has quickly made a name for herself as a selector able to find the finest thread between disparate sounds. Connecting the dots between modern club and experimental music as well as musique concrète, dub and dancehall styles in an effortless way. Cera will join us next Monday 17 July for the third instalment of The Odd Gig, a monthly at the hotel where we invite ()

havels photo square

Thank you
to The Havels…

…for that beautiful and intimate performance. It’s always a treat to watch and listen to musicians who work together the way these two do.

Havels FI


Irena and Vojtech Havlovi were with us in Berlin last autumn for Michelberger Music. These gentle and sensitive musicians will be back at the hotel next week and will perform in our lobby on Friday 30 June. Working together as The Havels, this couple say very few words, but communicate expressively through their music. Bryce Dessner said this about them: “In the late 1980’s my sister Jessica heard two Czech ()


Sunday was
a fun day!

Thank you to all who came to the hotel for our BBQ with The Sausage Man Never Sleeps. The weather was perfect, the music spot on (thanks Florian and Milena!) and the sausages were flying off the grill! Keep an eye out for more Sundays (and Mondays) like this in the hof – when the weather is fine we’ll light up the grill and continue the courtyard cheer!  

Odd gig Valentin Stip_square

The Odd Gig – Edition 2
Valentin Stip

For the second instalment of The Odd Gig on Monday 26th June, we’ll welcome to the hof Valentin Stip – Independent Musician, Interstellar Traveller and Co-founder of Booma Collective. The Odd Gig is a semi-regular evening at the hotel where we invite artists and DJs to play the records they might not normally have a chance to. The rarer stuff – more of a niche selection and perhaps not what ()


The Sausage Man Never
Sleeps X Michelberger

Simon Ellery makes really good sausages – they can be found at Markhalle Neun, and we usually have something from his range on at lunch and always his black pudding on the dinner menu. This Sunday 18th June he’ll be here at the hotel for a BBQ together with us in the hof. He’ll be serving his wares straight from the grill with various accompaniments. On the menu: ‘Frog in the Straw’, steamed ()



Thank you Matt for taking us on an unexpected and delightful ride to Aberdeen. With projections from Stefan Nadelman and Matt’s wonderful songs, it was a beautiful and memorable show!