On Wednesday evening (9th July) Ringbell, also known as the Chikara Aoshima Band will play for us. Chikara Aoshima and Rieko Okuda founded the group. They have a similar backgrounds which took them both here because of their attraction to the Berlin music scene. Chikara started playing drums as a teenager in Japan and he lived, studied and performed in the US and moved to Berlin only recently. Rieko started off with classical music at ()


Return of the
Spätzle Legend!

The return of the Spätzle Legend! Über 10 Jahre lang war das Gino`s das kulinarische Herz des Wrangelkiez. Ob nach dem Fussballspielen zu einer doppelten Portion Spätzle mit Speck, oder zu Baustellenbesprechungen auf ein Rollberg und Flammkuchen, Gino`s a bissl was geht da immer. Der Bartresen stets gehalten von Bekannten und politisch Verwandten, das Fruchtbrand Sortiment brachte Obstgartengefühle und die Waldwand weckte Kindheitserinnerungen. Volker zieht nun weiter. Das Gino’s lebt ()


Tiki Taka X
The Waves & Us

This Monday evening (7th July), we have The Waves & Us playing in the courtyard. Maayan is The Waves, Markus and Louis are Us. Maayan with her atmospheric backdrop and synths, Markus with his guitar and Louis with his bass. They came together because this was the way it was meant to be. This new project is an experiment, a way of bringing their different musical backgrounds together, trying to create something they ()


Tiki Taka X
That Fucking Sara

Tonight we’re having a night of hip-hop, trumpet and soul with a night organised by our friend That Fucking Sara. She’ll be DJ’ing accompanied by The Domenica live on trumpet who is classically trained and has been playing since early childhood. Currently based in Berlin, she plays in several bands and works as a dentist in her free time. Or the other way round. Fae Simon will be joining us too. Fae’s a singer ()


My Brightest Diamond: Tiki Taka
Half-Time Show #2

Showtime: Tuesday (24 June), 8pm Shara’s magical performances are hypnotic, like a mythical creature, reminiscent of an elf, a mermaid or a shaman. Her show is the ritual of an extremely feminine spiritual guide, leading us as if through a foggy dream. The music is an experimental extension of her soul, impossible to define or to contain in the borders of the singular art of music. Her hairstyle, her clothing, her masks used ()


Rubblebucket: Tiki Taka
Half-Time Show #1

It’s Tiki Taka Half-Time! For Part 1, this Monday (23 June) evening we welcome Rubblebucket to play. This seven piece band can be considered a full orchestra of sounds: a mix of synths, guitars, harmonies, horns, vocals and saxophone. And just as their sound is such a mixture, so too their music influences cannot be defined. Psychedelic rock, reggae, dance, dub and electro all feature there. These guys are surrounded by great people from the ()


Tiki Taka X The Very
Polish Dine & Dance

While hanging out in Warsaw, Azar discovered the Polish food concept of Zakąski – small plates of snacks meant to be eaten late at night whilst drinking Vodka and partying. It’s very simple but delicious food, with things that would be familiar to any German such as pickled cucumber, sauerkraut, borscht or gravadlax, but unlike in Germany, they’re made using fermentation so it’s far healthier and actually much more delicious ()