Buffalo Mozz square


One of our starters in the restaurant at the moment is a twist on a Caprese salad. We use buffalo mozzarella from our friends at Bobalis farm, and instead of tomato, we’re making the most of the delicious watermelons which are in season right now. The buffalo bresaola and dehydrated olive add a bit of saltiness, and the balsamic reduction and basil leaves call back to the classic Caprese salad.  


Simon says

Hello Michelbergers, I would like to take a minute and look back on what I can call 6 incredible and memorable months. From the moment I started to work for the Fountain of Youth I realized that I found a unique and extremely  inspiring place. I quickly incorporated the Michelberger spirit of the Hotel which was one of the reasons I wanted to come here in the first place. Its ()

New Old Fashioned

New Old

A classic Old Fashioned cocktail has three main components: A spirit such as whiskey or brandy, sugar and bitters. With our new bar menu, we decided to play a little with this traditional formula. Rather than using plain sugar, we’ve concocted a number of flavoured sugar syrups to add sweetness but also create more complexity in our cocktails. This is our Rum Sour, made with Bruns Jamaican rum and our ()


Go Monkeys,

Go Monkeys, Go! That was our motto during the 9th annual Hotel Beach Masters on 1st August. 32 teams from the Berlin hotel scene attended the competition – and among them: us Michelbergers. Each team was 5 people strong, but we had a stronger one (7) – as secret weapons or to substitute when getting tired. Summer did a fantastic job – sun, no clouds and heat – a perfect ()


This Is

Inga started working at the hotel in the summer of 2010, just a few months after we opened. It almost didn’t happen…she was a bit disillusioned with the hotel industry and was looking at other employment possibilities. But her friend heard about a position in reception at the new hotel on Warschauerstrasse and persuaded her to apply for it. Inga did, and she got the job. Not long after, Inga was with ()


Josef Ruona

An old friend came back to see us today; Josef Ruona was our very first graphic design intern in our creative studio back in 2012. Three years later he came back to give us a workshop! We’re a bit obsessed with creating interesting textures for our graphic work using physical materials rather than doing it on the computer. Since he was with us, Josef has become somewhat of a master ()


In Our

This is the roasted cauliflower dish from our current dinner menu. It’s served with cauliflower and cumin purée and big plump Medjool dates. These have been cured in oil, vinegar and shallots, making them very soft and very tasty. There’s a sprinkling of dukkah over the top to finish it off. 

Rhubarb Thyme

Thyme for
a change

If you’ve been to our bar lately, you will have noticed some changes. We got rid of the big brands, and replaced them with products which come from independent family-run businesses. We also came up with some new cocktails using these products.  On the warmer days, the Rhubarb Thyme is a favourite. The main ingredient is Mondino Amaro, an aperitif made in Bavaria from an Italian recipe. Mondino is made ()



After lunch service on Monday afternoon, eight Michelbergers set off on the journey to Jüterbog, a small village around 70km south of Berlin. Our destination was Bobalis, an organic buffalo farm from where we source cheese and meat products which are served in our restaurant.  We piled into the Fountain of Youth delivery van at the hotel, and then an hour later emerged in a lovely little corner of Brandenburg to be ()