Our new baby – Welcome to the World!

Fountain of Youth News

Dear friends,

We’re really happy to announce the birth of our newest child:

Michelberger’s Fountain of Youth – 100% natural coconut water

Last year when we were on holiday, we fell in love with a wonderful and healthy drink. Fresh, young coconut water! After we got home, we thought it would be great to bring that drink here so that we could have a bit of that sunshine feeling every day and share it with our friends.

After lots of searching and travelling and tasting and learning, we finally found the perfect farm growing the tastiest coconuts, and now it’s finally ready to share. The UN Food & Agriculture Organisation says of coconut water that: “It’s the fluid of life.” We say: It’s the Fountain of Youth.

To accompany our drink, we’ve built a website where you can learn a bit more about it all, such as where you can find it. Go to it here: www.michelbergermonkey.com

We’ve also built an online shop where you can order the drink, as well as some other products produced by the hotel, and have it sent directly to your home.

The Michelbergers