A new approach to Baltic cuisine

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North East is a dinner project focusing on the culinary heritage and identity of the German Baltic region of Pomerania.

Join us for an intimate dinner together with North East founders Eric Heilig and Floriane Loup on Thursday 19 April in our Whiskey Room.

Over 7 courses Eric will present a tasting menu which showcases his exploration of his native Pomeranian cuisine. After 15 years working in Michelin starred restaurants around Europe, North East is a very personal project for Eric. In his own words, it is about “German sensibility and a sense of time and place. A Nordic approach to cooking and locality. Flavours and techniques that take a look towards the Baltic States and the east of Europe” See the full menu below.

Since starting out in Dublin around 2 years ago, Eric and his partner Floriane (who takes care of wine and service) have brought North East to Latvia, Copenhagen and soon Berlin.

7 courses with 7 paired wines, selected and presented by VinaLupa
19 April, 7pm, limited seats.
Bookings: reservations@michelbergerhotel.com or 030 297 78590



bread, cured fat & pickles

carrot pelmeni, wild alliums, sprouting pulses, buckwheat

zander, rhubarb, navet, woodruff, beech

asparagus, snail, marrow, preserved lingonberry

boar tartare, dried bilberry, sweet cicely, calamus root

kefir braised boar, burnt beetroot juices, sorrel, fermented gherkin, alexander seed

gooseberries, milk, parsley, yeast meringue


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