Donnerstag * 19.30

Archive, die Band mit den am häufigsten wechselnden Mitgliedern und 18 Jahren erfolgreiche Bandgeschichte auf dem Buckel hat sich einmal mehr neu erfunden. Der harte Kern um Darius Keeler und Danny Griffiths spielt für uns am Donnerstag um 19.30 ein paar Songs ihres achten Albums ‘With Us Until You’re Dead’ und wir sind sehr gespannt, wohin die Reise nach Electronic, Trip-Hop, Avantgarde und Progressive Rock diesmal geht. Es gibt lecker ()


Ob Ihr wirklich richtig steht, seht Ihr wenn das
Licht angeht.

Nein, das würde ihm nichts ausmachen, dass es noch kein fliessend Wasser auf den Zimmern gibt, keine Rezeption, kein Restaurant, also eigentlich noch kein Hotel. Doch, er würde trotzdem sehr gerne ein Wochenende bleiben. “Ja, ein Bett habt Ihr ja wohl!” Er reiste an am 19.Juni 2009 mit zwei kleinen Rollkoffern. Der allererste Gast des Michelberger Hotels. Die Klempner und Maler guckten nicht schlecht als er mit Nachthemd und Taschenlampe ()



Sarah literally travels the world. Lately she has been to Syria, Sarajevo, Istanbul, Budapest and hitchhiked from Kiew to Kenia. Now she has just come from New York to stay a week with us. Her passport is a book of one hundred pages and her bible is a novel full of flowers, postcards and beautiful garbage. She travels alone or with her sister and always takes her boyfriend that came ()


Bamboozle’s BBQ Jam
today 3pm

Talking about sausages with Eli from Soul Clap. How hot do you like your sausages? As hot as possible, I like my taste buds on fire. If it gets too hot a little mustard can cool it right down. What do you cook to impress ? The center piece of a good BBQ is always ribs. Nicely marinated steaks are cool, but juicy, fall off the bone ribs always make ()


Animal Kingdom
tonight 8pm

Tonight at 8 pm Animal Kingdom will play an Acoustic Set in the Lobby for us before heading on tour to America on Friday. We had a coffee with Geoff Lea, their Drummer.   What do all drummers have in common? I guess most drummers are pretty chilled out and enjoy hitting things. They like being in the back making lots of noise. What made you want to become a ()


Music from the basement for the outside

Shara Worden stayed with us for eight days trying to write one song every day for her new album. What do you need to write a song? Silence. Knowing that I am not going to disturb anyone, that I can make as much noise as I want to make without it bothering anyone and also without being observed.  if you know that people can even hear you through the walls ()