News about the Michelberger Hotel


Enlightenment Co.

We’ve started an Enlightenment Company! As we’ve building so many lights recently, we thought, why not make it official? The first project is a geometric pendent light designed by Klaudia B. Lewandowski. They’re laser cut from balsa wood and held together with tape. Some panels are coloured, some not, and the lights are highly tactile and give off a warm and friendly glow. The slits in the side project delicate bars of light onto surrounding surfaces. They’ll be going up ()


Coq Au Vin

This week there’s Coq Au Vin paired up with homemade Foccacia for lunch.  


Now Page:
The Content Strikes Back!

Since we are still waiting for the first open source social media product (wish to develop it ourselves, but way too much work ), we decided to shorten the wait by creating a /now page. Here’s the first result, simple, work in progress, but we thought worth sharing. In case more of you out there kind of share the same feelings about the FB, Twitter and all the other corporate sado-maso tools. We’ll happily send you the code, so ()


Israeli Couscous

A light, fragrant couscous, full of sunshine and now you can eat it out in the hof too!