Sometimes There’s A Man Mix
by Guille De Juan

Continuing on with the long hot summer vibes, we present a slow, deep, disco-y mix from Guille de Juan, that legendary DJ from Barcelona. Guille played for us at the very first New Years party we had, when the hotel was still a construction site. Now he’s giving us his soundtrack to a midsummer Berlin night, for sipping beers to, chilling and hanging out with friends in the courtyard. There’s ()


A perfect day on the beach
by True Class

There are those days that are just perfect. A beach, the ocean in the background, a can of coconut water in your hand and the right tune to go with it. Until recently we thought the best beach soundtrack was released by Guts & Mambo and their “Beach Diggin’” Compilation (must buy!). But we’ve got some serious competition going on with the cosmic summer grooves mixtape by Trujillo and Claas ()


Travis & Mighty Oaks
live in the courtyard – 19.06

We are excited to welcome you for food, drinks and great music. Wednesday, June 19th BBQ: 7pm, Stagetime: 8pm Looking forward to seeing you all! Update: checkout a video shot in our courtyard for their performance below!

Sarah Neufeld and The Magnetic North

Konzert-Tipp der Woche,
Sarah Neufeld and The Magnetic North

Am Pfingstsonntag startet das Musiker Kollektiv stargaze auf seinen Jungfernflug in der Volksbühne! Aftershow mit Lieblingsplatten von Mouse on Mars bei uns in der Lobby. Beginn: 20 Uhr. Tickets und weitere Infos gibt es hier. André de Ridder, Mitbegründer von stargaze presents, hat uns ein wenig davon erzählt: “Am Sonntag beginnt für uns eine neue Zeitrechnung, und ein lang gehegter Wunsch geht, dank der Zusammenarbeit mit der Musikbühne der Volksbühne Berlin, ()


An Ode to Spring,
6 hours long

Our bar regularly hosts our friends and family playing their favourite tunes. The soundtrack to friday and saturday nights is important and should get our guests in the mood for going out without spoiling the game of chess on the other table. For DJs it’s their chance to play the tunes they will most probably play rarely in a club and to build up a long set, slowly increasing the tension ()