Grandbrothers lookback + video

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Last Sunday, the Grandbrothers played for us it the lobby.  The set up took ages but it was totally worth it. This is how one of our guests, Charmaine Li, wrote about it:

“As the chords progressed and the passages crescendoed, I noticed the flickering of the candles sitting on a windowsill behind the band conform to the beat. Soon, it felt like the moment had been suspended in time and I became more susceptible to the people surrounding me… A young couple, lounging in a sweet embrace under a large hanging lamp, were smiling playfully at each other. A guy wearing a toque, sitting at the edge of the couch, was sipping his beer and head-bobbing intently in his own world. Curious people, passing by outside, peeped their heads through the front windows. Guests intermittently trickled in…”

Thank you Erol and Lukas for that captivating night and to the Golden Calf for the DJ support.

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