This Tuesday (22.04.14) we warmly invite you to a lobby concert from PHOX. PHOX is more than a just a music band, they’re a family. This bunch of friends grew up and attended high school together in Baraboo, Wisconsin – a place where you drive your tractor to go to school. They didn’t last long in the small town and each of them took their own career path until the moment they got a house together and became a proper family. ()


Vincent Moon reminded
us why we choose to be here.

From a conversation following the screening, sometime during the night: “….knowing exactly how it feels floating through Berlin’s summer-airy streets, wondering about that new bar someone you know runs… …glancing at people, drinking coffee while discussing death and life, careless.. drifting and pondering what to do next.. another white wine on this improvised winebox and pallet terrace in mitte… allowing the day to pass like it is… A friend you meet randomly on the streets tells you about that not ()


Casey K

This Thursday we will be having a concert from Casey K here in our lobby. Casey K has been playing, performing, and writing music her entire life. Growing up in West Hollywood, she was immersed in the entertainment industry at a young age, and now she’s on her first European tour. Her debut EP, In Tine, was released last year and she will be releasing a new album this spring with a more electronic sound and feel together with her ()


Vincent Moon

This Sunday (23rd Feb), we’re very happy to welcome Vincent Moon to the hotel for a screening of some of his work. He’ll be showing a film from his short film series ‘From ATP’. These are a collection of six short films shot over four years at the UK music festival All Tomorrow’s Parties and they present a fan’s eye view from one of the most unique and uncompromising music events in the world. Here’s the trailer to the series: Vincent ()


lookback + video

Last Sunday, the Grandbrothers played for us it the lobby.  The set up took ages but it was totally worth it. This is how one of our guests, Charmaine Li, wrote about it: “As the chords progressed and the passages crescendoed, I noticed the flickering of the candles sitting on a windowsill behind the band conform to the beat. Soon, it felt like the moment had been suspended in time and I became more susceptible to the people surrounding me… A young ()