Gary Card
at Eternal Youth

At our Fountain of Youth pop up shop in London, an exhibition by Gary Card, his first solo one, has just opened. It’s called Abandoned Amusement Park Attraction and it’s populated with strange big-nosed, open-mouthed, goggle-eyed characters sculpted from wire and 300 rolls of masking tape. Gary is a multi-talented set, prop, costume, and interior designer who has worked on a wide range of projects all the way from Lady Gaga’s Haus of Gaga to Topshop and the New York ()

Maria Dabow
Graduation Show

Maria Dabow
Our wonderful Maria, who you can often see behind our bar, has just finished her graduation show. She was studying Fine Art at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.

Her work is primarily film and video, and in her final show you can see an amazing piece called ‘I Suck My Tongue in Remembrance of You’ with choreography by the Danish dancer, Lea Vendelbo Peterson (stills pictured).

The show is called ‘Familienaufstellung’, and it’s in the Uferhallen at Uferstrasse 8-11, Wedding (map). It’s open every day from 2 – 8pm and runs till the 28th July, so why don’t you go along and see it and get inspired? (…)