This Saturday evening our friends from Drop Everything are doing a little showcase here at the hotel. Drop Everything is a contemporary cultural biennial which takes place on the remote island of Inis Oírr, just off the west coast of Ireland. It is a platform to bring together people working in and interested in the arts, music, fashion, food, architecture, design and other creative fields. One of the main aims is to create ()


Thank you

You had us in awe from the very first note. Here’s the video and a couple of images of a sublime performance of endless breath.


Black Magic Baby Jesus –
Exhibition & Performance by Ramin Krause

We met Ramin when he was here for Michelberger Music, alongside Vincent Moon and his crew of filmmakers. A couple of weeks ago Ramin told us about a special project he has been working on… One year ago I sailed on a sail boat around the South Pacific and when our boat broke, I was stranded on a small Island. I ended up staying for 6 months, living in villages ()


Ben Lukas Boysen
DJ Set

This Thursday, composer and sound designer Ben Lukas Boysen will be spending the evening in our lobby, playing some of his favourite music for us. Ben is the newest artist on the wonderful Erased Tapes label, and this year released his second album recorded under his own name, entitled Spells. Since 2013 however, he has released nine albums as electronic composer HECQ, simultaneously establishing himself as a composer and sound designer. His music has ()


Monday Live: Khruangbin + Colin Stetson
Michelberger Music Aftershow

Oh man…the first musical experience in our hotel following the pure magic wonder of Michelberger Music. Still impossible to find words, and even more impossible to envision regular shows in our lobby. LUCKILY…. Colin hit us up. He would have been part of the festival, if he wasn’t already booked for a gig on the same weekend in New York. He almost flew in for a couple of hours. Same ()


Thank you for
being there with us

ALL OF YOU people, made this possible. A musical togetherness of artist friends interacting, exchanging in full creative freedom, truly open to each other. Not having to fulfil any roles or deliver what people expect from them. Free of commercial interest, brands or music business. Doing something just for this moment. No matter what. No matter what people write about it, no matter what people say about it. Just giving ()


Michelberger Music –
The artists

An introduction to the artists involved, and a small preview of what’s been happening in rehearsal week so far…


Behind the scenes of
Michelberger Music

…last nights Bon Iver show officially kicked off which so far has been the most amazing week of our lives…here is quick look behind the scenes of the rehearsals and collaborations… amongst rehearsing today: Aaron & Bryce Dessner Mouse on Mars Set Shara Nova (My Brightest Diamond), Andi Haberl (The Notwist), Ben Lanz (Beirut) Woodkid & Justin Vernon Kings of Convenience & Flock of Dimes set Hauschka / Kill the Vultures/ Naeem ()