Prank Call / Awesome Mix

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Elena: “What, your first impression about the hotel wasn’t that good? But Johan, I thought we were going to have an interview about how great you find our hotel!”

Johan: “Ahahah stop Elena and let me explain!
When I arrived at the hotel, my feeling was that everything looked wonderful.
But it was just so much of everything and I kind of got the feeling it was all an artificial front, maybe a kind of fake… But then after a little while, it just felt really homy.
Not like any hotel I’ve stayed at before. It just felt like I had been there before, not just visited but like, a place where I had lived once or something.
I really enjoyed my stay and I got very inspired by your hotel, so I based my latest mixtape on it.
I’ve made my mixes for about 6 months now and they’re all based on different themes. This last one is based on the experience at the Michelberger.”

E: “Let’s talk now about the intro, which is the reason why we are talking now: it made someone of us laughing, someone else mad, but it especially made most of us very curious about the idea behind it!”

J: “Well, my plan was actually to call at night, so I would get your answering machine and have that as the intro, but you don’t seem to have one?

So when I had already recorded a few of my unsuccessful attempts, I just thought it was even more fun to do a collage of it, mostly because the whole vibe is so weird!”

E: “And by the way, who are you?”

J: “My name is Johan. I’m 26 years old, I’m a musician, a DJ and I do mixtapes.

I love all kinds of music except of reggae, which seems I could never understand.

I like to do my own music as “HNNY”, pronounced honey because it fits with the music, which is soft and smooth”.

E: “Then what to say HNNY aka Johan… thanks for offering our receptionists a role in your music!”

You can checkout all of Johan’s mixes on his Soundcloud.

Thanks Johan!