Michelberger Music People –
Fionn Regan

Back in July, an Irish man with rather thick brown hair started to frequent our bar, often sitting in the same sunny spot in the corner of the lounge, and always ordering the same thing – a large bottle of sparkling water. Quite a few of us Michelbergers spotted his almost daily visits, and we wondered exactly what he was up to. Curiosity got the better of one of our ()


Michelberger Music People – Vincent Moon & some of
his favourite musicians

We’ve been watching and listening to Vincent Moon’s work for a long time. Vincent is an independent filmmaker, originally from France. He first became known for his innovative way of filming bands in the Take Away Shows project. After that he spent five years travelling the world, exploring the music rituals of the people he met for his Petites Planètes series. (If you’re staying with us, you can see some ()


visit to Funkhaus

Today a group of Michelbergers got their first glimpse inside the Funkhaus, and a clearer idea of what’s going to be happening there in just over two weeks. Let’s just say, there were a lot of slack jaws, wide eyes and looks of astonishment…!


Michelberger Music People –
Mouse on Mars

Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner – AKA Mouse on Mars – have been making electronic music together since 1993. That music has often been an idiosyncratic blend of everything from ambient, techno and dub, to krautrock, disco and jazz. We think this bio puts it best: Mouse on Mars is one of the few electronic bands to stand the test of time. Constantly reinventing themselves, they have taken electronica to new heights with a unique ()


s t a r g a z e – renegade
new-classical ensemble

s t a r g a z e are one of the names on the list of artists involved with the happening at Funkhaus that somewhat embody what this event is all about…collaboration is at the core of what they do. Ever heard a live mixtape with various artists popping in and out ? Well…s t a r g a z e will bring it to life. s t a r g a z ()


The Performance Spaces at
Michelberger Music

The Funkhaus offers a wider range of spaces for various types of set ups. We attempt to use the spaces as instruments themselves. Instead of using them as a pretty backdrop they will feed into the music. From studios for a 50 person audience, to a studio that holds 1000 people to the main stage that will bring all of us together! It will be a ride through history. Here some ()


Michelberger Music

One of the things that we’re most looking forward to about the music happening on 1 and 2 October is the fact that there’s so much that we don’t know. The magnificent possibility of what might happen when you have 80 artists spending a week collaborating and creating new music to be shared at the end… However, that’s not to say some ideas haven’t already begun to crop up! Quite a few ()


From the

Pictured here is one of the late summer dishes from our current dinner menu in the restaurant – chicken with corn, tarragon and black cabbage. A little while ago we gave the menu a bit of a shake up, swapping out the traditional starter, main, dessert structure with a selection of smaller dishes, designed to be shared. The menu is now divided into sections such as snacks, vegetables, fish etc. ()



Farewell Mario from the Kitchen. On Thursday he decided to end his earth life. We all took him with open arms to our place and a lot of you supported and had an open ear helping him to integrate and give him a spot, stability. We don’t know what stories and sorrows he carried on his journey from Columbia to Italy to his time in Berlin. Sadly it all might have ()


We’re Hiring!
Chef de Partie

We are looking for a trained and experienced Chef de Partie to join our international team. In our restaurant we offer casual lunches and well-executed dinners, using local, organic produce. Our newly renovated and ever evolving kitchen strives to achieve great things, and continues to provide top-notch dining to both Berlin locals and our hotel guests alike. Working at the Michelberger means: – The chance to work with fantastic local ()