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Alfredo from

On Saturday 7th May, we’ll welcome Alfredo Fiorito to the hotel. Alfredo is a DJ from Ibiza with a 40 year career behind him. At the age of 63, he is widely regarded as the Father of Balearic Beat. In the mid 80s Alfredo started a party at what was then the relatively small and underground club called Amnesia, being one of the first to bring Chicago House and German ()


Dōner SHOP

Next Thursday 5th May, Lasse Askov and Bo Lindegaard of I’m a KOMBO will be joining us once more from Copenhagen, and bringing with them their Dōner Shop. Lasse and Bo are chefs, and they prepare food for folks to eat. However the approach they take and the way they think about the possibilities of how this can be done is what makes them so interesting. It’s a bit hard to describe exactly what ()



It’s officially spring in Berlin, however the chill in the air at night reminds us that winter has not completely left us. So with that in mind, the bar team have created a cocktail menu that plays to both seasons…It’s divided into two sections: citrus based and refreshing, and strong and boozy. Here’s a drink from each… The Green Fairy was created by Clemence, and sits in the former category. ()


Wir suchen Prakitant/in!
Fountain of Youth

Die Michelberger´s Fountain of Youth befindet sich im Herzen Berlins und ist ein familiengeführtes Getränkeunternehmen, welches vom Michelberger Hotel ins Leben gerufen wurde. Unser täglicher Fokus liegt im Vertrieb unseres hoteleigenen Lieblingsgetränks an all diejenigen, die Wert auf qualitativ hochwertige Produkte legen und eine ähnliche Philosophie teilen wie wir. Dieser Ansatz hat uns einen gesunden, stetigen Wachstum ermöglicht, wofür wir nun Verstärkung für unser kleines Team suchen. Wir bieten Vollzeitpraktika ()

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Bar Food Friday:
Wild Food & Natural Wine

Next Friday evening (22nd April), the kitchen takes over the bar again for the next installment of Bar Food Friday. Alan creates small dishes using local produce, and Dominic picks the booze to go along with them. This month it’s all about wild food and natural wine. We’re lucky to work with some fantastic suppliers whose produce we use in the restaurant on a daily basis. The quality of the ()


We’re Hiring!
Sous Chef

We’re no ordinary hotel! The Michelberger is a modern family business, with a big wish to make our little world better, day by day. In our restaurant we offer casual lunches and well-executed dinners, using local, organic produce. Our ever evolving kitchen strives to achieve great things, and continues to provide top-notch dining to both Berlin locals and our hotel guests. We are looking for a full time Sous Chef ()

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Massage at

We’d like to introduce you to Sabrina, one of our new colleagues. You might have noticed her calmly walking through reception or the lobby, but most of the time she’s up in Room 330, performing little miracles in the form of massage. Sabrina is a trained holistic therapist and has her own practice in Mitte. Here she follows an integrative approach, taking into account not only the physical but also ()

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Piano Day –
Thank you!

To all the artists, guests and staff that made our 24 hour piano concert so special, we thank you. Our friend Stephan is back in Munich busy editing all the footage he took. We’ll keep you posted when it’s ready. In the meantime, here are some photos we took.


We’re Hiring!
Food & Beverage Internship

We’re a modern family business with a big wish to make our little world better, day by day. The Michelberger is more than just a hotel, with our own restaurant, bar, booze company, clothing and coconut water. It’s a special place, with a lot of character. This character is mainly built around and built by our employees who are willing to bring their personality, understanding of this place and a ()


Easter Info &
Restaurant Menu

On Easter Friday our restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner with an emphasis on fresh fish for the specials. On Easter Sunday & Monday we’ll be serving breakfast a little longer than normal, until 2pm. There’ll be a special Easter menu for dinner on both those nights, which will cost €45 for three courses or €35 for two. Please email us at: should you wish to make a booking, ()