This bloke just rolled up with his lady-friend to have a bit of lunch and deliver some flowers. Sir, we salute your style!



This Tuesday (22.04.14) we warmly invite you to a lobby concert from PHOX. PHOX is more than a just a music band, they’re a family. This bunch of friends grew up and attended high school together in Baraboo, Wisconsin – a place where you drive your tractor to go to school. They didn’t last long in the small town and each of them took their own career path until the moment they got a house together and became a proper family. ()


Enlightenment Co.

We’ve started an Enlightenment Company! As we’ve building so many lights recently, we thought, why not make it official? The first project is a geometric pendent light designed by Klaudia B. Lewandowski. They’re laser cut from balsa wood and held together with tape. Some panels are coloured, some not, and the lights are highly tactile and give off a warm and friendly glow. The slits in the side project delicate bars of light onto surrounding surfaces. They’ll be going up ()


Vincent Moon reminded
us why we choose to be here.

From a conversation following the screening, sometime during the night: “….knowing exactly how it feels floating through Berlin’s summer-airy streets, wondering about that new bar someone you know runs… …glancing at people, drinking coffee while discussing death and life, careless.. drifting and pondering what to do next.. another white wine on this improvised winebox and pallet terrace in mitte… allowing the day to pass like it is… A friend you meet randomly on the streets tells you about that not ()


Coq Au Vin

This week there’s Coq Au Vin paired up with homemade Foccacia for lunch.