Sound Night

On the evening of Friday 12 Feb, we’re having an exciting experimental sound night in the bar. We hope you’ll join us and suggest you drop by after dinner and before heading out for the night. Running order: 20-22 Daniel Cupic LAWBF / 22-22:30 Wouter Jaspers / 22:30-23 Graham Dunning / 23 – 02 Daniel LAWBF GRAHAM DUNNING You may have seen a video floating around the internet recently of a ()



When we first heard about our The National friends Ben, Scott and Bryan LNZDRFing us, we had very little idea what to expect. With excitement and awe we are awaiting the trilogy of performances in Grüner Salon (23rd Feb), Kantine am Berghain (25th Feb) and Cassiopeia (26th Feb). This music gets you. It sticks…the dreaminess, the tempo and the deeply hidden underlying positivity…. music that makes you feel good although you don’t ()


New to the
dinner menu

The kitchen has added some tasty new dishes to the dinner menu. One of the stars is the wild pig’s head fritters. Direct from Alan’s notes to his team: “Wild Pigs Head Fritters, Smoked Apple, Black Pudding, Pumpkin Remoulade  – Wildschwein Kopf Kroketten, Geraucherte Apfel, Blütwurst, Kurbis remoulade – €10 The wild pigs are bought from the company that sells the Venison, Richards Wild LOOK IT UP ! The heads are soaked ()


Moon Live!

Vincent is in town to participate in the CTM Festival which this year is on the theme ‘New Geographies’. So this Friday we’re delighted to welcome him back to the hotel for a spontaneous live performance in the lobby. For those that don’t know Vincent Moon, well, he’s a true one-off. An independent film maker, originally from France, he first became known for his revolutionary way of filming bands with his Blogotheque ‘Take Away’ ()


Bar Food Friday: Buffalo & Whiskey / Homie

Tomorrow (29th Jan) our Bar Food Friday is back and this time we’re doing Buffalo & Whiskey. The idea is that we bring the restaurant to the bar for a night and serve up some killer dishes based on an ingredient theme and made with the very best produce available then paired with some great craft booze from the bar. This time we’re showcasing the products of our excellent buffalo farmers Bobalis. The animals there are bred ()


Office Space Available
In The Hotel

Since 3 years we have an office floor on top of our hotel which is home to many small and midsize companies that we cherish. Our favourite neighbours so to say. At the moment we have one office space available with 2 rooms of equal size with space for 6 desks each. The room can also be divided into 2 separate offices.  The gross square meters: 100 or 50 per ()


Let It Go
Live 2015

Iska Dhaaf, literally “let it go” in Somali, is an pure art-oriented duo. In pursuit of honesty, Benjamin and Nathan dedicate entire nights to their music production, not seeing the daily light for weeks. Inspired by Sufi poetry, their words are powerful and essential, while their rhythms are heavy and unsteady. What make them even more special is the enthusiastic and positive attitude to life and music they have. They´re definitely a ()


New Years
Eve 2015

After previous years of colourful, grand celebrations, this NYE, we’re focusing on the main ingredients: food, drinks and great company. The kitchen will be making a feast made from produce from this year’s favourite suppliers and serving it all in platters that are meant for sharing. There’ll be local vegetables from the Roberto’s natural farm just outside Berlin, sea food from the North Sea and venison from Brandenburg and plenty else besides. Come alone, ()


Thank You
Matze & Pierre

Thanks to Matze & Pierre from Mit Vergnügen for celebrating a lovely Christmassy evening with us. And of course, big thanks to all the musicians! Here are some impressions, sketched by Alexandra Klobouk.

01 Square

Thank you

On a chilly night a couple of weeks back, the lobby was warmed by the soaring and beautiful voice of Aidan Knight. Here’s the video we made of the concert.