We’re Hiring!
Chef de Partie

We are looking for a trained and experienced Chef de Partie to join our international team. Our newly renovated and ever evolving kitchen sends out breakfast, lunch and dinner for our guests and for Berlin locals alike. We focus on organic food with a slant towards vegetarian and vegan dishes. We are looking for someone who is excited and passionate about good food. Who is looking to expand their knowledge and ()


Little things:
Shopping Mall Yes or No

Our new neighbours…they haven’t formally introduced themselves, but they are sending secret messages through the ground water. For some technical ground water fighting style, probably necessary to build 5 additional stories below the ground, our hotel gets water signals every 5 seconds. (Including the eye surgeon building next door). First Azar, the Pen, our creative director noticed, when the lines he put on paper, started resembling a seismograph. Warschauer Strasse ()

01 Roberto-and-kids

Michelberger Kitchen

Thank you friends, partners and colleagues for coming to celebrate our new restaurant with us on Sunday. Our favourite photo from the night is the first one here of our veggie and herb farmer Roberto and his kids waiting patiently for the next tasty morsel at Alan’s chef’s table.


We’re Hiring!
Bar Manager

We are looking for an experienced manager for our Honolulu Bar, a 24 hour cafe and bar at the heart of our hotel. All products – from the booze to the cake to the housemade tea blends – have been individually selected and come from independent family run businesses. As bar manager, you understand this way of working. You are familiar with the working processes of a hotel, and your creativity drives ()


Humans –
Members only

Are you working for an ad agency ? Movie maker, writer, performing artist, a painter, a producer, a media executive or brand ambassador ? Well then, your chances of a successful application for those modern version private member clubs increase. It’s Creatives only. Whatever that means. A place to network with likeminded people, movers, shakers and influencers. The breed that wants to define stuff. Around the world more and more ()


Old Crew,
New Restaurant

Welcome to our new Dinner Restaurant 6 weeks construction is past New kitchen, new possibilities Modern, communal dining with seasonal organic produce, sourced locally Sustainably foraged, hunted, and farmed from forests & fields around Berlin We invite you to try out what Alan and Jules have created Also the restaurant has it’s own bar now with a tempting wine selection Lone wolves or birds welcome on our new one seater ()


We’re Hiring!
Daytime Service Staff

We’ve just completed a renovation and overhaul of our restaurant, and we’re looking for an experienced waiter to join our lunch team. You’ll be working Monday to Friday, from approximately 10am to 3:30pm, serving our hungry guests and neighbours our new and improved lunch menu. Think whole baked aubergine with dukkah, buffalo yoghurt and baba ghanoush, or jerk chicken with rice, beans, coriander and fresh lime… We are looking for ()


Zmei3 Album Launch –
Thank you

Paula has been a Michelberger for five years. An opera singer for 20. And a rough Romanian soul for a few years more. Her and her band Zmei3 launched their debut album with us last month. Thank you for a wonderful show!


Thank you

You had us from the get go, clutching our hearts and smiling at strangers. Here’s the video and some photos from the show



Taking a look at some new crockery options for the restaurant…