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The Monkey Loooves
Let It Be

Berlin is fast becoming known as one of the vegan and vegetarian capitals of the world, often taking top spot on lists compiled by everyone from vegan bloggers to established culinary magazines. There’s a definite momentum surrounding food that comes from plants in this city, and for this installment of The Monkey Loooves, we met with Nina and Red, owners of Let It Be. Their cosy vegan restaurant is in Neukölln and ()



October is here and this week in the restaurant we’ve launched a new menu to reflect the season.  One of the many stars is the Maultaschen soup starter, Autumn on a plate. These handmade German-style ravioli are filled with a mixture of fresh, seasonal mushrooms from Brandenburg, as well as onions, juniper berries, marjoram, parsley and pepper. With the plate there’s a light, aromatic stock to be poured over it, made ()

Mario Colour Square

Mario –
Master Of Hats

This is Mario. He’s from Columbia, he’s one of our chefs, and he really really likes hats.  


Basia Bulat

On a Friday evening a couple of weeks ago, we welcomed Basia Bulat and her array of small stringed instruments to our lobby. Thank you for a wonderful performance Basia!


Mother Sun
Sweat tops

The Mother Sun is the first release in a series of clothing pieces from this mysterious character… We’re not sure who she is but we like her attitude. The top has a white & gold print on front and back and is made from organic cotton and is printed and sewn locally. There’s also a roomy cotton bag with the same motive, with long and short straps for carrying over shoulder or in hand. ()


The Monkey Loooves

It was sometime in the mid 1990s and the place was New York. Kai Bröer was visiting from Berlin and stumbled across a cafe called Newsbar. They sold coffee and bagels, had an extensive selection of newspapers and magazines, and televisions mounted on the wall screening CNN. This was when cafes could be a place for people to go and read the paper. Before smartphones and iPads, wandering down to ()

Michelberger Façade

We’re Hiring!
Cocktailer (M/W)

creating high quality drinks is what you love to do. your knowledge about everything related to this is grown throughout your past experiences and making you a real professional. attention to detail is equal important to you as working productive and organized. combined with knowledge your passion lies in creating a magical environment not only being a cocktailian but also a great host for your guest. excitement is your motivation ()

Michelberger Façade

We’re hiring!
Housekeeping Attendant (M/W)

We’re Hiring! Housekeeping Attendant (M/W) You love to work behind the scenes and take pride and satisfaction in a job well done, knowing that the very high quality of your work, your precision and attention to detail, will make our guests feel comfortable, happy and at home. And as a very important visible part of the hotel team, you are also able to interact with the guests you’ll meet every ()

Michelberger Façade

We’re hiring!

We are looking for the first and the last Michelberger face our guests will see: the doorman / doorwoman… Someone to represent our place in its diversity and preciousness. The job is planned in a part time position. Responsibilities: Our guests are warmly welcomed and greeted by you upon their arrival, during the stay and the departure. You are able to observe the atmosphere of the public areas and control ()


The monkey loooves

It’s an exciting time to be in Berlin. People are arriving here from all over, and bringing with them the ideas they have about the things they are passionate about. They’re coming here, taking chances, and shaking things up! To our eyes, this is resulting in a refreshing culture emerging of small, independent, family run businesses who are not afraid to do things their own way. We wanted to take ()